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Fall Maintenance Projects

Fall is here and it is time to consider some home maintenance projects we would be happy to help you with. 

Plumbing Make sure that your interior and exterior plumbing is ready for the cycles of freezing and thawing that can cause pipes to burst--make sure outdoor faucets are turned off before it gets to freezing temperatures. Gutter systems Upgrade your gutter systems to avoid water from overflowing on to the walkways and cause slippery paths. Sealing leaks and roof repairs Check your roof for loose or missing shingles, flashing and gaps around your chimney, flues and other openings and do the same for your home’s exterior. Be especially watchful of the areas around windows, doors and your foundation.  Upgrade and maintain storm doors and windows Storm doors and windows can increase energy efficiency in your home by 45%. Making sure your storm doors are secured and reinforced, windows can be sealed with caulk around the exterior to protect from drafts and water penetration. Exterior Painting Give your siding a fresh coat of paint and sealer to the deck to protect it from the winter elements.

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